Thorough inspection of used car parts will help car buyers recognize the condition of use, vehicle operation history, and avoid risks when buying a used car.

To buy a used car, in addition to the price and appearance, car buyers need to know some technical notes to choose the best product. The following notes will help car buyers make an accurate assessment of the used car’s condition.


Engine test here includes engine start and compression. Time to start the engine, whether the engine sounds “smooth”, quiet or not make skilled people discover the problem of the engine. The pressure test meter will help the mechanic check the pressure that the cylinder produces is up to standard or not.

Vehicle body

Body inspection is the first thing you should do when approaching an old car. Checking the paint, flatness, curvature of the shell, rust are factors that can be seen with the naked eye through which to partly determine the life or durability of the vehicle.


The dashboard with buttons or touch screen needs to be accurate, providing all the necessary information about the vehicle’s status and travel journey. Try all the smallest buttons like volume, change songs to make sure that every part of the car works smoothly together.


It is necessary to determine whether the car door is closed tightly or not, revealing open or warped details. If a vehicle has been involved in a collision, the above signs may appear, depending on the severity.


Check all front and rear windows and windshields to assess the possibility of a major crash. Watch for any signs of grinding, cracking, or looseness when lightly applied. These factors may indicate that the vehicle has been in an accident and repaired or has not been properly maintained for a long time.

Coolers, ducts

The coolant tank is the first part that’s easy to check under the bonnet. If the solution is not much, there is a dirty impression, it means that the old owner did not pay much attention to this part. The technician will also thoroughly check the heatsink fins to make sure they’re not thin or spongy. Cool water pipes should also be examined to see if they need to be replaced.

Engine block

If the engine is worn out, the engine block will leak oil out. In case the engine block does not leak oil, there may still be cases because the previous user used a thick oil with parameters such as 20W-40 or 30W-50. Thick oil can prevent black smoke in cars with silver. In fact, the correct lubricant should be used according to the manufacturer’s requirements.

HVAC (heat system)

HVAC is the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of a vehicle. For countries with harsh climates like Vietnam, it is even more necessary to check the HVAC system.